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From its historic concern for animal welfare to its more recent and broader adoption for reasons of personal and environmental health, the vegan diet is something for which we have a very great respect.

Our menu has many dishes which are naturally plant based, homemade by us in our shoebox kitchen, from real, whole foods.  They are all labeled VGN on the menu.



We would like to do everything we can to make sure that you have an excellent experience at PUEBLO, with the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of menu items.

We handle many foods on site which contain gluten, and we therefore like to make a distinction in our kitchen between items which have a very low gluten content (VLG), and items which are gluten free (GF), with no detectable gluten.

If you have a sensitivity to gluten then those items labeled as VLG (very low gluten) on our menu are aplenty, and they are just for you. They are foods which have been made without any gluten-containing ingredients in an environment where every effort has been made to minimise cross-contamination.  If you have a sensitivity to gluten, please tell us and we will use dedicated equipment and workspaces to prepare your food.

We hold a 5 Star Food Hygiene Award and scored the highest possible rating in every subcategory, demonstrating our ability to manage allergens and minimise the risk of cross-contamination to the highest professional standard. However, our kitchen is small and there is inevitably a risk that our homemade products may contain trace levels of gluten, which is why we prefer to label our foods as VLG and not GF.

If you are concerned about this please feel free to get in touch before you visit us.  We are happy to source certified Gluten Free packaged items just for you, and if you have any recommendations of how we can better meet your needs, we would love to hear from you.



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