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A bit like all the local halls and 'stutes, we would like PUEBLO to be available to village folk (and People from Beyond) at an accessible rate. 

We dream of being the venue for your birthday party, supper club or workshop-that-you've-always-wanted-to-try.  We run a few of our own events, too!

People have painted, sung, savoured, sewn, boogied, built sun-catchers, planned world-saving initiatives, made bracelets and prayed in our small space, and we're ready for more. 

Our walls buzz with conversation and laughter long after people have left; people enjoying the cafe is the very heart and soul of why we exist.  So if you have a big idea and need a small but lovely space for it, get in touch!

Painting and Prosecco!

Hire starts from £20 an hour, with an additional cost if you would like to borrow our very lovely team. 


If you're a community group then we really care about making PUEBLO affordable for you.  Please drop us a line so that we can hear all about your plans!

Crafting masterpieces
(but mi burrito is most
definitely mi burrito...)

We're happy to leave you to your own devices to enjoy your evening, or we can be on hand to serve drinks and cater for your party - the choice is yous!

Sustainable Overton Sewing Night
Tapas Night with the most excellent Caviste
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