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We love a good origins story, and although nobody will be making a blockbuster out of ours, we still love to share it!

PUEBLO began with a dream of sharing the things we love with the people we love: homemade food, coffee and good conversation.  We decided we wanted to provide a place where these happy little things could bring people together, and PUEBLO was born.

Although it's never that simple, is it?  Because we had no experience, and a very humble budget.  But the dear friends around us gave hours and hours to painting, putting up shelves, laying flooring, lending electrical expertise to add sockets, hang lights and test equipment, proof read and product test (!) and oh so much more. Coffee lovers shared coffee knowledge, road trips to hospitality exhibitions filled us with inspiration, and when on opening night it dawned on us dreadfully that we had seriously misjudged the size of the float needed in the till (ahem!), more beautiful friends ran to the rescue and literally filled the till for us.

A few years later, and the tagline, "It takes a village" has been born from blessed and sometimes really rather character-growing experience.  Because although we knew from the outset that we wanted to put people at the heart of what we do, we weren't quite ready for people to hold us so lovingly in their hearts. 


Since we opened in December 2019 - just as for so many - it's been a crazy ride with lockdowns, diagnoses, very steep learning curves and gargantuan utilities bills; but we've found so much humbling joy in the relentless support of the people around us.  With every just-in-case idea, and would-it-help-if-I offer, PUEBLO has grown richer in ways we scarcely imagined when we set off on this adventure.


It would appear that it takes a village to run a coffee shop, and we're so much the better for it.

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